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Livsviktiga tips som skolmedicinen inte ger dig!

Prof Keith Scott-Mumby är en av de naturläkare jag följer. Till skillnad från de som förväntar sig tjäna pengar (och bli helgonförklarade) för att man tagit fram ett vaccin mot Covid-19 så bygger Mumby på medicinsk kunskap som är minst 5000 år gammal.

Det fanns t.ex. homeopatisk medicin som klarade nästa alla som fick behandling med homeopatisk terapi mot spanska sjukan för 100 år sedan.

I sin senaste blogg ger han fyra råd som går att använda i hemmet om du får tag på medicinerna.


What To Do You need to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. So let me share some need-to-know knowledge. Get ready with real science and proper safety techniques behind you. 1. Get yourself a cupboard full of vitamin C. Take 2 – 10 grams a day, till the whole of COVID-19 is history. If, God forbid, anyone in your household becomes sick, give them more. A safe way to do that is with my Dr. Keith’s Own special “Super C”, which is formulated so that patients can tolerate quite high doses, with diarrhea or discomfort. In an emergency, it’s possible to take up to 25 grams daily (5 scoops), in divided doses, about 3 hours apart. ... 2. Have molecular hydrogen available. It’s a super anti-oxidant and will have you back on your feet in no time. .... 3. If you are lucky, get yourself some Quinton Marine Plasma. This is one of the most brilliant pharmaceuticals EVER (from the 19th century, long before German Big Pharma). Before antibiotics, it was one of the most wonderful healing substances, that was able to save millions of lives in a time of tuberculosis, syphilis, typhoid, cholera and other murderous infectious diseases. It was in the official French pharmacopeia for over 70 years, till Big Pharma had it removed in the 1970s. .... 4. Homeopathics. Get yourself a small tube of Gelsemium 30C, Aconite 30C and Bryonia 30C. Keep them handy. These are only about $10 a piece and had a miraculous history in the time of Spanish Flu (1918). Those taking homeopathic remedies almost all survived. ...

I know COVID-19 isn’t influenza (it’s actually far milder than the 1918 pandemic). But we don’t do homeopathy by the germs; we do it by the presentation (main symptoms). Stay Safe. Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby The Official Alternative Doctor

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